Of all the actors working today... Martin Thompson is certainly one of them!


In his spare time, Thompson also appears on television and in major motion pictures with many big Hollywood stars who probably don't remember working with him.

Recently, he starred opposite Paul Rudd in Wanderlust for Universal Pictures, with Colin Firth in Main Street (the final screenplay by the legendary Horton Foote), and opposite Kevin Costner in The New Daughter.

Currently, he can be seen on television in Lake Effects with Jane Seymour for Hallmark, NCIS: Los Angeles, the new season of Criminal Minds, and the pilot episode of Scorpion, which began airing this Fall on CBS.

Martin Thompson is a repentant former New York soap opera actor (All My Children, Guiding Light, The Edge of Night) whose numerous award winning and critically acclaimed off Broadway and regional theatre performances are now most likely forgotten and best left to the imagination.

Today, however, he continues his meteoric rise to obscurity by working in Los Angeles Equity Waiver Theatre!